Global presence

80:20 Procurement is established in key regions across the globe, strategically placed close to its clients to allow it to provide on the ground assistance where required. The company is part of a wider group employing more than 4,000 people and operating in over 70 countries worldwide.

Main locations include:

United Kingdom

80:20 Procurement Services Ltd. was formed in the UK in 2004 with the focus of providing specialist procurement and supply chain services to the energy industry, with specific attention to non-strategic spend.

In 2012, Peterson and Control Union group acquired a majority share of the company and, together, plans were made for 80:20 to expand to other regions.

80:20 UK acts as the headquarters and support hub for the 80:20 group, and, with the largest team of experienced and qualified procurement professionals, it offers best in class service, delivery, and solutions designed to meet individual customer requirements.

The Netherlands

80:20 Procurement Services NL B.V. was formed in 2015. Located in Den Helder, 80:20 NL works alongside Peterson Den Helder and supports the Oil & Gas, Wind energy companies, and vessels in the Southern North Sea.  Since 2015, 80:20 NL has also expanded to a second office in Rotterdam, which offers procurement services to customers throughout the Netherlands in the logistics, inspections, certifications, and analysis industries.


80:20 Procurement Services entered Malta in 2017 as part of Peterson (Malta) Ltd. Located in Marsa, 80:20 offers its strategic procurement expertise to the local Maltese market, supporting a range of industries, including manufacturing, construction and hospitality, as well as oil and gas companies in the broader Mediterranean region.


North & Central America

80:20 Procurement Services Americas LLC Opened its doors in Houston, Texas, in 2016, and has been expanding its client base within the United States and Canada.

Offering procurement expertise and inventory support to top tier companies in a range of industries including oil and gas and automotive manufacturing, 80:20 Americas has been the fastest growing office in the 80:20 group, and has already ramped up its staff and moved into a larger office and warehouse facility in 2017.


80:20 Procurement Services works closely with Peterson Integrated Logistics TT Ltd to add value to its offshore clients working in the Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean Market.  Whether sourcing from within Trinidad or importing from elsewhere, the 80:20 team provides an alternative for clients in Trinidad and the Caribbean region seeking to globalise and optimise its sourcing activities.

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