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Apprenticeship Week: Bradley Strachan

It's Scottish Apprenticeship Week and we've sat down with Bradley Strachan, Procurement Apprentice at 80:20 and Hazlehead Academy graduate, to learn about his journey so far, day-to-day activities and programme highlights.

Why did you decide to apply for the apprenticeship programme at 80:20?

I applied for the apprenticeship because it provided the ideal way to launch my career in the procurement industry. 80:20 is constantly growing, improving and becoming more efficient, which makes it an exciting company to work for. I know there will always be opportunities to develop and progress.

What does your apprenticeship involve on a day to day basis?

Four months in and I have already gained real industry experience. From handling customers enquiries, quoting and sourcing goods, to processing orders and completing the day to day administrative tasks. It’s been great to learn from my colleagues who have been very supportive and helpful.

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

I enjoy that every day is different in terms of what I source or buy. So far, I’ve been involved in purchasing high volume items such as valves, pumps and cutlery, to more unique things including a hot tub for a Christmas raffle prize. This experience will certainly prove beneficial in the future by increasing my knowledge of products and suppliers available in the market.

What is your highlight moment from working with 80:20?

Getting involved in promoting Scottish Apprenticeship Week has been a great experience. We have a lot of exciting activities planned and I am looking forward to sharing my story with local school children and visiting the Scottish Parliament to meet MSPs.

What’s your advice to those considering an apprenticeship programme?

I would highly recommend 80:20’s apprenticeship programme. It’s a forward-thinking company that invests in its people and there are always plenty of opportunities available for professional training, self-development and career progression. There are many paths you can take after school, but apprenticeships are a fantastic way to enter the work environment and the sky is the limit. Our Managing Director Paul Dorward is an ex-apprentice and a perfect example of what you can achieve.

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