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People profile: Donald MacLeod

Today our Managing Director of US operations, Donald MacLeod, shares with us the unconventional journey to his current role, some key skills he has found to be vital in his success and a few non-career related passions.

What are your main responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is to grow and establish the 80:20 business in the US and all that that entails. Additionally, a key part of my role is to work together with the UK business to continue to improve our processes and become more efficient through technology.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

My career has not followed a traditional linear growth pattern. I started at 17 as a trainee Quantity Surveyor on the construction side, left at 23 to go to university full time to finish my degree, then after graduating, moved into the oil and gas sector. I worked for several service companies doing commercial support through project manager and account manager roles.

I then switched to join an oil and gas operator and had several supply chain roles including Contract Management, Procurement & Supply Base Manager and Supply Chain Country Manager initially in the UK, then Norway. I moved from Norway to the US in 2014 and undertook several roles including International Supply Chain Manager, Business Services Manager along with special projects roles.

The opportunity came along in January 2021 to support 80:20 and I have been serving as Managing Director of US operations since then. 

Do you have any particular areas of specialism?

Project, commercial and supply chain management.

What skills have you found to be vital to your role?

There are a number of skills that I’ve learnt along the way:

  • To be open and listen - the best ideas can come from the most unlikely of sources.
  • Always ask questions to understand how all the pieces interact and fit together.
  • To trust and develop your team.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Aside from joining 80:20? Getting to travel, meet and work with a lot of fantastic people from around the globe has been my highlight.

What is something you are passionate about?

Workwise, I am passionate about driving efficiency and eliminating waste from the business. Outside work it’s family, friends, football & cars.

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