Life at 80:20

We have a long-term vision that extends to our people and our investment in their training and development. We support those with ambition and drive who seek new opportunities throughout our organisation. We expect all our employees to actively mentor others, sharing knowledge and experience and we provide support for those looking to excel.

We are a family company, and our family values are the foundation on which the company was built. We have a strong focus on developing a business with a strong local workforce and invest in local traineeships and community programs. When we enter a new region we are making a long-term commitment to invest and grow a business in that region.

As part of a wider global organisation, we have a network of offices worldwide, which can provide opportunities for people who are interested in international opportunities and experience.

8020 employees in all countries feel connected to the global team and are empowered by the group to make and execute decisions at a local level for the benefit our clients and employees.  We share in a sense of personal and professional accomplishment that goes beyond what working for another company may provide. 

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