Procurement people


At 80:20 we don’t believe that just anyone can do our job.  It’s not just about buying cheapest and adding a margin.  Our clients’ expectations are so much more.  Consequently, we only employ and develop highly skilled procurement professionals with expertise in third-party sourcing and negotiation of MRO items, consumables and non-contracted items.  Staff investment in the development, training, and education is relentless and above industry norms per capita. 

Benefitting from the Peterson relationship, we offer strategic projects through the Peterson Training Academy, and support high potential buyers through procurement degrees, such as MCIPs.  90% of our front-line staff have at least one professional procurement qualification from the likes of CIPS, NEVI, NIMA and ISM to ensure that we stay at the forefront of procurement best practice.  Consequently, our clients benefit from the best possible and most relevant advice, whether the topic is “tail spend” or one-off purchases.
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