Reducing the risk with Peterson

80:20 is part of international energy logistics group Peterson. Peterson’s scale, coverage and breadth of offering adds considerable weight to the 80:20 proposition.  At one level, we have ready access to the resources of a major organisation, giving us stability and allowing a longer-term view.  This access also provides an immediate competitive pricing advantage with fixed costs spread across a much bigger enterprise.

However, there is much more to it than this, in that Peterson is both our parent and our client, giving us low risk opportunities to test the efficacy of all that we do.  Through the provision of our expert procurement services, both to Peterson itself and its clients, we are able to test, refine and improve everything in our products and services, particularly technological innovations and process improvements.  With Peterson on our side, risks and costs are reduced and service quality is well proven.  In short, you have the agility of a small business with the buying power of a large one.

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