We are purchasing and tail spend management specialists. We work with you as an extension of your procurement team.


What is tail spend?

Tail spend can account for up to 20% of a company’s procurement activity that usually goes unmanaged due to the large number of low-value ad-hoc transactions spread across many suppliers. 

This relatively small part of the purchasing spend expenditure has a huge impact on a purchasing team volume. Many of the products are typically purchased from non-contracted suppliers and consist of varying and often unnegotiated terms. Due to the item value, they result in a large volume of transactions and vendors per year, which are either too small to go through the strategic spend or are not part of an existing framework of contract catalogues. This means that it is often difficult for companies to get insight into these low-value, low-risk expenditures.

By partnering with 80:20, our clients benefit from cost
savings up to 32% across their tail spend and have more time to focus on high-value strategic purchases. 

Why manage tail spend?

Managing tail spend gives more visibility to a
historically unmanaged category. It gives insight into buying behaviour and inserts controls to minimise spend leakage. 

  • all unmanaged spend managed through one vendor
  • full visibility on purchasing through a transparent model
  • direct cost savings through product consolidation and leveraged pricing
  • indirect cost savings through reduced vendor base and consolidated invoicing
  • spend analytics and reporting
  • compliance

The 80:20 model

Pain points come from having to spend time, money and resource procuring and managing hundreds of individual low value suppliers. The 80:20 way allocates resources in the most effective manner, so a specialist company can focus on low value spend while a client focuses on higher value strategic procurement activities.

Developed from the Pareto Principle, the 80:20 model introduced a concept allowing clients to manage 100% of spend by aligning resources to strategic commodities and developing a partnership with 80:20 as an outsourced provider.

Procurement services

We offer a wide range of purchasing services, from taking over your invoice settlement or procure-to-pay and source-to-pay process.

  • Procure-to-pay: places a purchase order with the supplier selected by your organisation 
  • Source-to-pay: consults the market on the basis of the specification provided by your organisation and selects a supplier based on the best commercial conditions

Products we source

We source a wide range of products for our clients and can accommodate most requests. Typical items include general consumables, fasteners and stud bolts, absorbents, wipes and rags, hand tools and power tools, bearings and belts, cable ties and tags, lubricants and sealants, filters, flanges and gaskets, PPE and industrial equipment, stationery and corporate gifts, electrical equipment, gauges and instrumentation, one-off supplies (vendor reduction).

Industries we support

Our advanced global supply chain alongside our market leading, innovative procurement technology, allows us to deliver a value added solution to manage the tail end of any organisation’s supply chain.

We currently provide procurement services across a number of industries:



Manufacturing & Fabrication

Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy

Our accreditations

A selection of our suppliers

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Tailspend model

Typically, an organisation’s tail spend makes up 20% of spend with 80% of suppliers and is often unclassified, overlooked or too small to go through the company’s procurement system.

The 80:20 model

Our proven procurement solutions deliver meaningful costs savings, reduce supply chain risks and allow clients to focus on high-value strategic purchases, ensuring 100% of spend is effectively managed across their business.